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Mountain Pet Sitters

House and Pet Sitting. East Mountains and Albuquerque



Security for your Home

Peace of Mind for You

Albuquerque and East Mountains House Sitter

What if you don't have pets,

or you bring them with you when you travel?

You still may prefer to not leave your home empty. Get the extra sense of security that comes with hiring a professional, responsible house sitter.

Hire me for your next vacation and enjoy the peace of mind this service brings.

I will stay in your home over-night or even for 24 hours if you prefer. 

I will make it clear that your home is occupied, opening and closing blinds, alternating the lights bringing in the newspaper.

Also included- plant and garden watering,

picking up the mail, checking for signs of appliance failure, leaks and also break-in attempts.

RATES- I will consider free or barter especially for long term of 3 months and longer

Otherwise, without pets or gardens, rate is $30 per night 

* Rates vary based on location, duration of assignment and on details of home /plant care

* I will not be held responsible for any home system or appliance break-downs, damages to the interior or exterior due to these break-downs, failures or leaks, nor will we be held responsible for damages due to bad weather/acts of God, burglary or vandalism.

I will however, check for signs of these and report them to you and/or authorities, call repairmen of your choice and take any other reasonable actions.

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