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Mountain Pet Sitters

House and Pet Sitting. East Mountains and Albuquerque



East Mountains

RATES - starting at $15 per 24 hrs

varying based on medications, etc.

Safe, secure, comfortable country property .

Bring your cat or I will pick up and deliver for an extra fee.

I am only 30 minutes from Nob Hill in Edgewood, NM.

Cat Boarding Specifications-

Your Cat Will:

  • be indoors in guest section of my home                                                                                    (2 guest rooms, bathroom and hallway)
  • be securely contained in this area by a gate (floor to ceiling).
  • have 2 windows to view fields with cats, rabbits and birds
  • there's an option for your cat to be outside in a fully enclosed , secure enclosure, if you would like

I will spend quality time daily and every other night sleeping with them, allowing them onto the bed if you allow this at home


Any animal in a cage- reptiles, amphibians, rodents, birds...

RATES- $10-15 per day based on various factors

Albuquerque & East Mountains Pet Sitters / House sitters. I do OVER-NIGHTS ! Excellent References. See our list of services on website. Edgewood pet sitter, Tijeras pet sitter, sandia park pet sitter, paako pet sitter, cedar crest pet sitter, edgewood kennel,

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